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Production Management

From an intimate acoustic concert to a full blown music festival.  Rock to classical with outstanding visuals and lighting, as well as staging, security, power distribution and complete infrastructure, Evenlode Productions can produce an amazing event to meet your budget. Call us and find out how we can help...

Project Management


Professionalism is about producing a seamless, safe event that meets the client’s needs and even exceeds them. Effective project management allows this to happen. With careful planning and organizing, along with the necessary technical skills, you then get the result you are looking for. Project Management is an area that is a particular strength for us. It also provides greater efficiency and consequently better value for you the client.

Stage Management


A good stage manager likes people and particularly artists - not always true! They make the show run smoothly and solve problems quickly and simply with the minimum of fuss. They must also have a good understanding of all the technology involved in a show. We can provide stage managers for any shows we produce or on a freelance basis for a client too.

Artist Programming


We are continually in touch with many great acts and provide band booking for some clients too. We have 2 talent scouts that work in London and the rest of the country, so we know what is happening and can book the best acts for any show. Get in touch if you need great talent!

Parties and Weddings


Everyone loves a great party! At Evenlode Productions we can provide you with something extra special. Top class DJs and bands are available to give you the most memorable party or wedding ever. We stage quality acts with the best production possible.   We can create and design visuals that can make all the difference too. Call us to find out what we can do for you.

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