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Evenlode Productions provide a large range of AV solutions for the corporate sector. Recpetion areas, boardrooms. training centres, in house public address, meeting and conference rooms etc. We can tailor anything from a projection and sound presentation setup to a complex multi zone AV system, to your specific needs. We can give our customers a variety of options so they can make informed decisions to meet the requirement in hand.


Club and Pub

We can install easy to use pub/club systems that provide the discrete power and punch you customers love. Be it high quality backgound music or for the occasional disco, we have proven systems that will deliver. We can also supply and programme lighting systems that are preset and easy to use by bar staff. If you need a large scale club system we can help too. 


We are very experienced in the broadcast industry from studios, to routing to outside broadcast vehicles. Radio or Television. Professional project management to provide installations that improve your efficiency and workflow.  Broadcasters and production facilities, advertising agencies and media businesses, please call us about your next requirement.



Discrete, high quality music playback in a retail area is vital for effective business. AV displays, simple video playback solutions, video walls or large screens in shopping malls, rolling advertising solutions etc. We can do all this, and advise on the best possible option for you. 

Houses of Worship

Clarity and intelligibility of speech can be great challenges in highly reverbrant areas such as churches. Also, with an increase need for music playback and live music sound reinforcement too, we can provide highly effective solutions for all these demands. We are also very aware of the aesthetics of a church building so we will provide a very sympatheic installation to meet your requirement.

Induction Loops

If you are a theatre, cinema, conference hall, function room, hotel, football stadium, hospital or any other venue we can offer advice on your requirement to provide hard of hearing provision. We can assess your existing system, provide upgrades or brand new installs. Please call us for no obligation consultation. 


We very committed to the education  sector and have much expereince in this area. Projection systems, speech and music sound reinforcement, lighting of all scales. 


The theatre has very specific AV requirements and we understand that. For dramatic production and musical sound reinforcement to innovative visuals and projection, complex lighting systems, we can help. 



Music and video production studios for commerical, universities, colleges and schools. 


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